Thursday, August 23, 2007

Elvira Arellano Deported
Now She Can Legally Apply For Re-Admission

Until now I have remained on the sidelines in the matter of a particular Illegal Alien - Elvira Arellano. Ms. Arellano was recently legally deported after spending a year in a Church where she claimed sanctuary. Sanctuary as applied to this case is an emotional term which has no basis under United States law. Ms. Arellano does not face any persecution from her native Mexico. She is therefore not eligible for Political Asylum Status in the US.

Illegal Aliens generally are a drain on Social Services and a Security Risk to the legal Citizenry of the US. (More this subject here, here here, and here.) As a matter of fact, a recent AP story indicates Ms. Arellano is somewhat of a celebrity in now that she's back in her native Mexico.
A Mexican Senate committee passed a measure Wednesday urging President Felipe Calderon to send a diplomatic note to the United States protesting the deportation of an illegal migrant who took refuge in a Chicago church for a year.
When Ms. Arellano was deported, she left her 8 year old son, Saul, in the care of his Godmother. Saul suffers from ADHD, and is a legal citizen of the US.
The committee also approved a scholarship to help her 8-year-old U.S.-born son, Saul, who is an American citizen and stayed in the United States.
Let's face facts. Any person who entered this country is an Illegal Alien, PERIOD. They are often referred to as "undocumented immigrants". This is a method of making someone who committed a crime sound more palatable. Should we start calling people "undocumented drivers" if they don't have a license and insurance? Besides, Ms. Arellano was also guilty of another crime in this country. Fraudulent use of a Social Security Number.

For me the "Straw that broke the Camels Back" in this case was the claim that the US broke the law by deporting Ms. Arellano.
"We cannot remain quiet in view of this injustice and must ask for firm action from our authorities," Mexican Sen. Humberto Zazue said.

He accused the United States of violating international deportation accords by denying her access to the Mexican Consulate in Los Angeles.
What? For more on the exceptional political support from US politicians Ms. Arellano has received, read the "Chicago Tribune" Editorial from August 17, 2006.
Arellano was arrested and deported once before and re-entered the country illegally. She was found to have used a fake Social Security number to work.

And yet she has benefited from some extraordinary political support, which few illegal immigrants get to enjoy. She won the help of members of the Illinois congressional delegation, who rallied around her because her 7-year-old son, Saul, a U.S. citizen, has ADHD and other health problems. She has been granted three stays of deportation since 2003. U.S. Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) sent a letter to President Bush on Wednesday asking that Arellano be granted yet another stay.

But Sen. Dick Durbin, Sen. Barack Obama and others have said there is nothing more they can do for her. Because her son's condition has improved, some of those sympathetic to her cause suggest that another stay of deportation cannot be justified. [emphasis mine]
This woman has been granted 3 stays of deportation, remained in this country illegally 4 years since she was ordered deported by the court, and she has only now claimed she was denied access to the Mexican Consulate. Give me a break.

The "Trib" editorial a year ago got it right when they concluded with this.
Many illegal immigrants face the same situation as Arellano. Few get the breaks she has received in the last few years. They are all subject to U.S. law, as is Arellano.

It is time for her to abide by that law.
Ms. Arellano is no longer an Illegal Alien. Therefore, she should stop complaining about being deported and Legally apply for re-entry into the US.

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