Sunday, January 17, 2010


The quote "Vote early, vote often." comes from President Obama's adopted Chicago. A town with which I am very familiar. I grew up in Chicago. It's is illegal; it is undemocratic; it is just plain wrong. But now a prominent liberal radio host, Ed Schultz, condones that kind of voter fraud for Tuesday's Senatorial Election in the State of Massachusetts.Ed Schultz: I'd cheat to keep Brown from winning shows just how corrupt many liberals are. They are in almost total agreement that the Conservatives Cheat all the time, but apparently it's not bad when liberals cheat.

Ed Schultz has been mentioned prominently by liberals as a someone who would be a great Democrat Party selection to be an elected member of Congress. Apparently Ed does not realize these are the same tactics that the American Voting Public despise, and condemn. The end does not justify the means. You can watch the video at the above link. Here is the transcript:
I tell you what, if I lived in Massachusetts I'd try to vote 10 times. I don't know if they'd let me or not, but I'd try to. Yeah, that's right. I'd cheat to keep these bastards out. I would. 'Cause that's exactly what they are. [Ed Schultz Quote, from the Video]


Global Warming claims are being found to be false again. Details here, [World misled over Himalayan glacier meltdown] show that the Himalayan Glaciers are not going to be completely gone by 2035, NOT EVEN CLOSE.
A WARNING that climate change will melt most of the Himalayan glaciers by 2035 is likely to be retracted after a series of scientific blunders by the United Nations body that issued it.
Notice the word blunders in the quote.

Once again Al Gore's statement that " is settled." is just another mistake.

Monday, January 4, 2010


Here are some more links of interest to anyone interested in Global Warming.

Winter of 2009-2010 Could Be Worst in 25 Years

Nearly the entire eastern half of the United States is enduring bitterly cold temperatures not experienced since 1985. Even Florida, which has been hovering around freezing levels overnight recently, is also feeling the almost-nationwide chill.

All-time record snowfall in Burlington [Vermont]

In South Burlington, 33 inches fell -- an all-time record for one storm.
Feeling cold? We're at 30 below normal
[In Iowa] Spencer and Sheldon recorded the coldest temperatures in the state with minus-33 degrees. Estherville came in at 28 below zero, Fort Dodge at negative 26. Sioux City and Orange City both reported minus-22 degrees. At least 16 more cities across the state reported lows in the negative double digits.

Seoul buried in heaviest snowfall in 70 years

SEOUL, South Korea – Seoul residents slogged through the heaviest snowfall in modern Korean history after a winter storm dumped more than 11 inches (28 centimeters) Monday, forcing airports to cancel flights and paralyzing traffic in South Korea's bustling capital.
Ice Slows Operation At N.J. Nuclear Power Plant
Plant officials told Eyewitness News that it is the first time that they had to take this unusual step because of ice.
Siberian winds usher in record lows in Beijing
A FREEZING cold front swept over much of northern China on Sunday with snowstorms snarling traffic and air travel, while some of the coldest temperatures in decades were forecast for coming days.
Miami shivers from coldest weather in decade
Residents of Miami donned heavy coats and wool mufflers Monday to face down the coldest weather to hit the usually balmy city nearly in a decade.

Saturday, January 2, 2010



To start 2010, here are some stories about Global Warming.

  1. Cold weather kills scores

    New Delhi - At least 17 people died as towns and cities in India's northern states were hit by cold weather, officials said on Friday [Jan 01, 2010].
  2. Britain facing one of the coldest winters in 100 years, experts predict

    They predicted no let up in the freezing snap until at least mid-January, with snow, ice and severe frosts dominating.

    And the likelihood is that the second half of the month will be even colder.
  3. Once in a generation cold snap forecast for NC

    RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) - Forecasters say the coldest stretch of weather in years if not decades could be heading for North Carolina.
  4. Man's Death Is Fourth Related To Cold This Winter

    CHICAGO (AP) ― A man whose body was found in a park on Chicago's South Side is Cook County's fourth confirmed cold-related death.
  5. Prisoners used to shovel snow-bound US capital

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – The US capital paid prison inmates to shovel sidewalks, crosswalks and bus stops after the biggest December blizzard in the city's history, the Department of Corrections said Thursday.
For further facts and informed opinion on Global Climate Change, please refer to The WSJ Guide to Climate Change and if you are a Union Member, be sure to read this article. It is part of the WSJ Guide.

Cap and Trade in Practice

Also please consider the following.

During testimony before The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee on March 27, 2007, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) asked Al Gore to take the following pledge:

As a believer:

-that human-caused global warming is a moral, ethical, and spiritual issue affecting our survival;

-that home energy use is a key component of overall energy use;

-that reducing my fossil fuel-based home energy usage will lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions; and

-that leaders on moral issues should lead by example;

I pledge to consume no more energy for use in my residence than the average American household by March 21, 2008.”

Former Senator and Vice President of the United States, Al Gore refused to take this pledge.

As of January 02, 2010, another 1018 days have passed; however Mr. Gore, who won the Nobel Peace Prize and an Oscar for his movie "An Inconvenient Truth", continues his refusal to sign this pledge.