Sunday, December 18, 2016

Domestic Cyber Snooping

Reports have now surfaced that the Obama Government's Department of Homeland Security has tried to breach the security of the Election Servers in the States of Kentucky, Georgia and West Virginia. see here


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


The Democrats, and espceially VP Joe Biden, made the claim that "...and GM is Alive". Is that true?

Well it depends on what alive means. Consider this article, The Democrats' GM Fiction, as published in the NATIONAL REVIEW ONLINE. George W Bush started the TARP bailout, but...
President Obama’s unique contribution was effectively to nationalize the company, seeing to it that the federal government violated normal bankruptcy processes and legal precedent to protect the defective element at the heart of GM’s troubles: the financial interests of the UAW. It did this by strong-arming GM’s bondholders into taking haircuts in order to sweeten the pot for the UAW. The Obama administration also creatively construed tax law to relieve GM of tens of billions of dollars in obligations — at the same time that Barack Obama & Co. were caterwauling about the supposed lack of patriotism of firms that used legal means rather than political favoritism to reduce their tax bills.
This amounts to Corporate Welfare. It creates a dependency on our Government by using taxpayers money.

On the other hand, Mitt Romney proposed this.
Mitt Romney’s proposal for a structured bankruptcy would have necessitated considerable federal involvement, too, but with a key difference: The UAW contracts would have been renegotiated, and GM’s executive suites would have been cleaned out, placing the company on a path toward innovation and self-sufficiency rather than permanent life support. Which is to say, Obama did for GM what he is doing by un-reforming welfare: creating a dependent constituency.
President Obama's bailout of GM has had other consequences.
The Democrats cling to the ridiculous claim that the bailout of GM and its now-Italian competitor, Chrysler, saved 1.5 million U.S. jobs. This preposterous figure is based on the assumption that if GM and Chrysler had gone into normal bankruptcy proceedings, the entire enterprise of automobile manufacturing in the United States would have collapsed — not only at GM and Chrysler but at Ford and foreign transplants such as Toyota and Honda. Not only that, the Democrats’ argument goes, but practically every parts maker, supplier, warehousing agency, and services firm dedicated to the car industry would have collapsed, too. In fact, it is unlikely that even GM or Chrysler would have stopped production during bankruptcy: The assembly lines would have continued rolling, interest and debt payments would have been cut, and — here’s the problem — union contracts would have been renegotiated. Far from having saved 1.5 million jobs, it is not clear that the GM bailout saved any — only that it preserved the UAW’s unsustainable arrangement.
In fact many analysts are prediction that GM will probably go bankrupt shortly after the November Election.
Bill Clinton bizarrely tried to claim that the bailout has been responsible for the addition of 250,000 jobs to the automobile industry since the nadir of the financial crisis. Auto manufacturers and dealerships have indeed added about 236,000 jobs since then, but almost none are at GM, which has added only about 4,500 workers, a number not even close to offsetting the 63,000 workers that its dealerships had to let go when the terms of the bailout unilaterally shut them down.


One of the most sacred values of the United States of America is the concept of "One Man, One Vote". Voter fraud in any form is not tolerable, but when anyone votes 2 or more times, it disenfranchises all the legitimate voters.

We have seen instances of dead voters, felon voters, non-citizen and non-existant voters still on the voters rolls. In some cases these illegal non-legimate voters have actually voted. Every time this happens it diminishes all the legimate voters.

Consider the latest instance of  voter fraud from the State of Maryland, as reported by the The Baltimore Sun newspaper.
Wendy Rosen, the Democratic challenger to Republican Rep. Andy Harris in the 1st Congressional District, withdrew from the race Monday amid allegations that she voted in elections in both Maryland and Florida in 2006 and 2008.

The article claims:
State Democratic Chairwoman Yvette Lewis said an examination of voting records in Maryland and Florida showed that Rosen participated in the 2006 general election and the 2008 primaries in both states.
Not only is she accused of voting twice, once in each state, but she admitted this fact.
Rosen, 57, a Cockeysville businesswoman and Maryland voter, told The Baltimore Sun that she registered to vote in Florida several years ago in order to support a "very close friend" running for the St. Petersburg City Council and to vote on local issues there.
Is this the reason Democrats are so opposed to Voter Photo ID laws?

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A convention-goer stands on the convention floor on the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, September 4, 2012.
Do you consider this racist?


The latest Democratic Name Calling Theme is apparently references and comparisons to Nazis. S.C. Dem. Chair Compares GOP Gov. to Hitler's Mistress is the latest. The Weekly Standard is quoting South Carolina's Slate
S.C. Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian, never a loss for a quick quip, tossed a few stinging one-liners at the Wednesday delegation breakfast.
On Gov. Nikki Haley participating in daily news briefings in a basement studio at the NASCAR Hall of Fame: “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.”
[Emphasis in Article]
The Weekly Standard adds.
The comparisons of Nazis and Hitler to the Republicans seems to be an emerging theme from this Democratic convention. Yesterday, a top Democratic delegate from Kansas compared Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to Hitler. The day before, a Democratic delegate from California compared Ryan to Nazi Joseph Goebbels.


Fact Check: First Lady's False Fairy Tale of Struggle shows Michell Obama gave a very good speech, but bent the truth somewhat.
Both Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama began their adult lives with a leg up on the rest of America. They attended elite schools: Michelle went to Whitney Young, the public magnet school for Chicago’s upper class, while Barack attended Punahou, the private prep school for the top stratum of Hawaiian society. They were accepted to Ivy League schools despite undistinguished credentials, and both attended Harvard Law School.

It may be true as Michell claimed that "... our combined monthly student loan bills were actually higher than our mortgage...” but also consider this. The had very good paying jobs and...
They had expensive tastes, reflected in the $277,500 two-bedroom condo they bought in 1993--a high price even by today’s standards. Several years later, they moved into their $1.65 million mansion in Hyde Park--with the help of fraudster Tony Rezko. Barack often told a story of hardship on the campaign trail in 2008 about having his credit card declined--once. The fact that he thought this counted as real hardship speaks volumes.

In fact their combined income increased when Barack Obama was elected to the US Senate.
As her husband moved onto the national political stage, Michelle Obama began to enjoy a lavish lifestyle at taxpayer expense, directly and indirectly. When Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate, he obtained a $1 million earmark for the University of Chicago Hospital--and his wife’s salary as Vice President for Community Affairs jumped from $121,910 to $316,962. Her job: pushing poor, uninsured patients to other hospitals.

The Obama's, Liberals and Democrats have claimed that Mitt Romney is a Rich Guy, But so are the Obama's.
If, as the Democrats eagerly pointing out, Mitt Romney enjoyed the privilege of private wealth, the Obamas have enjoyed privilege funded by public money and public life. And until entering the national spotlight, they gave little to charity, contributing instead to a church that preached racial grievance. “[T]ruth matters,” Michelle Obama told the nation last night. That, too, is a lie--because so far, she has evaded it without consequence.
I don't believe there is anything wrong with being Wealthy and Living Comfortably. It is after all the American Dream to become Suscessful. Just be honest about your past, present and future.


Flordia Congresswoman and Chairman of he Democratic National Committee,Debbie Wasserman Schultz, claims she did not say what she said. DNC chair: That awful conservative newspaper misquoted me by, er, accurately writing what I said
The Washington Examiner earlier reported that Wasserman Schultz had quoted Israel’s ambassador to the US, Michael Oren, as saying “ that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel.” Ambassador Oren released a statement yesterday evening categorically denying he’d said any such thing. Wasserman Shultz claimed in an interview on Fox shortly afterward that some conservative newspaper had “deliberately” misquoted her, and that she had never said any such thing.[Note: Video Included]
Actually this quote shows she did say "any such thing".
We know — and I’ve heard no less than Ambassador Michael Oren say this — that what the Republicans are doing is dangerous for Israel. They’re undermining Israel’s security by suggesting that the United States and Israel don’t have anything other than a unique and close and special relationship [Note: Video Included].
Since this is the Chair of the DNC, I will let you draw your own conclusions about the Truth.



On the Democratic Campaign Trail and at the Democratic National Convention there is a lot of highlighting of the 4,500,000 jobs created during the Obama Administration. An article at has revealed that the 4.5M jobs number is correct, BUT only for a part of the Obama Presidency.

The Key Note Speaker, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, Former Obama Chief of Staff and now Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who followed Mitt Romney as Governor in Massachusetts all echoed the Great Jobs Creation Record of 4,500,000 jobs created during the last four years.

Anyone listening would get the impression that the Obama White House has been responsible for a real positive job growth. But as this article CNN Fact Check: About those 4.5 million jobs ...  makes clear
The figure of 4.5 million jobs is accurate if you look at the most favorable period and category for the administration. But overall, there are still fewer people working now than when Obama took office at the height of the recession.
The 4.5M number is only accurate for the period from January 2010 to the present. Considering the whole period of the Obama Presidency
... it's only a net gain of 300,000 over the course of the Obama administration to date.
UPDATE: Guy Bensen provides some interesting facts. Team Obama: Oh, You Bet Americans Are Better Off Today

Unemployment: 7.8% then, 8.3% now
Median income: $54,983 then, $50,964 now
Gas prices: $1.85 per gallon then, $3.78 now
National debt: $10.6 trillion then, $15.9 trillion now (with the debt hitting the magic $16 Trillion mark tonight, appropriately)
Half of all Americans are now considered "poor" or "low income."
One out of every six Americans is living in poverty -- an increase of millions since Obama took office.
Food stamp usage has increased by 45 percent under this president.
Average family health care premium costs have increased to roughly $15,000 per year.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


According to the Internal Revenue Service, Mitt Romney paid a higher tax rate than 90% of rest of of us. The IRS has released its data on the 2010 tax year. That report is over 300 pages of information as compiled by the IRS. If you don't want to take the time to read all of this, I suggest you read this article. Mitt Romney Pays a Higher Percent in Taxes than 90% of all Americans 2010, somewhere between 90 and 95 percent of Americans had a lower effective income tax rate than Romney’s 13.9 percent. In 2011, somewhere between 95 and 97 percent of Americans had a lower effective income tax rate than Romney’s 15.4 percent, at least according to the latest IRS data from 2010.
Based on this data, it would appear to me that the RICHEST of American Tax Payers are already paying their fair share.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Could we be attacked or invaded easily by Foreign Nations? Actually we have been. Illegal entry into the USA is rampant. It is not just the Illegal Aliens, although they represent a real threat. It is also Russia in the form of Nuclear Attack Subs able to spend a month undetected in the Gulf of Mexico. This startling admission comes from this article "Silent Running" published in The Washington Free Beacon.
A Russian nuclear-powered attack submarine armed with long-range cruise missiles operated undetected in the Gulf of Mexico for several weeks and its travel in strategic U.S. waters was only confirmed after it left the region...
Based on that article, I'd say our National Defense is not great. So I ask the question - Why does the Obama Government feel now is the time to cut Defense Spending?
The Obama administration’s defense budget proposal in February cut $1.3 billion from Navy shipbuilding projects, which will result in scrapping plans to build 16 new warships through 2017. The budget also called for cutting plans to buy 10 advanced P-8 anti-submarine warfare jets needed for submarine detection.
This rather unsettling fact was also revealed in this article.
Under the terms of the 2010 New START arms accord, such exercises require 14-day advanced notice of strategic bomber drills, and notification after the drills end. No such notification was given.
I believe a strong National Defense requires a strong Economy. We are currently borrowing 40 cents of every dollar we spend because of our National Debt. We cannot have a strong National Defense without a strong Economy. Have any of the Democrats put forth a Budget Proposal? Yes. President Obama did, BUT it was rejected by a vote of 96-0. President Obama did not get even 1 vote from his own party. Have the Republicans put forth a Budget Proposal? Yes. Paul Ryan's which passed the House, but Harry Read the Democratic Leader of the Senate will not allow it to go through the Senate.