Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Senator Barack Obama has claimed the word "Change" for his Campaign. But that's not the "Change" I had in mind.

Change as in Change of Mind, Change of Attitude or Change of Strategy are more along the lines of my thinking. Change can be a good thing. Change is an indication of maturity and sound judgment. Change shows a willingness to adapt and adjust to the situation. In this sense of change is a positive value.

Whereas lack of the ability to change is inflexibility, rigidity, stubbornness and foolish. Failure to adjust, adapt and overcome (change) is an indication of weakness, lack of vision and therefore a negative value.

But change can also be negative if it is done too often. Too often is just as bad as never for a leader. Changing positions too frequently is called Flip-Flopping. Flip-Flopping is another sign of weakness, vacillation and is not one the characteristics desirable in a leader.

Therefore it is unwise to label any Politician a Flip-Flopper because of a change in position, attitude or strategy. If something isn't working, it makes sense to change to make it work. With any change the analysis must include the answer to the Question "WHY?", before an accurate assessment of the reasonableness for the change is determined.

John Kerry changed his position on almost every issue so often he was correctly tagged with the label of Flip-Flopper. Barack Obama has changed his position on his Church Matters, Presidential negotiations without preconditions and the Iraq situation at present that he is very close to fitting the Flip-Flopper definition.

George Bush (43rd) has on rare occasions made changes as conditions warranted. The Surge in Iraq, and now he and John McCain have both changed their attitudes toward allowing Oil and Gas Exploration/Production in Coastal US waters. While the Democrats have bellowed "Flip-Flop" loudly, these changes do not a Flip-Flop make.

Cuba is allowing China to drill only 60 miles from our shores. Personally, I would rather have US safeguards and regulations control of the activity this close to our land. After Katrina, Wilma and Rita we lost about 1,000 Gulf Rigs without an oil spill. Will the Chinese Standards be this good?

Leadership is recognizing an opportunity and taking action. The opportunity is to become more petroleum independent. The action is removing the restrictions. The restrictions may have made sense when oil was $35 a barrel, but at over $120 a barrel, the possible negatives are far outweighed by the positive benefits.

In real estate the catch phrase is Location, Location & Location. The World situation catch phrase is Drill, Drill & Drill. Thank you John McCain and George Bush for taking the lead and speaking out in favor of an idea whose time has come.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

John Murtha's Apology - AWOL

In November 2005 an incident took place in Haditha, Iraq. 15 unarmed Iraqi civilians, including seven women and three children allegedly were killed by US Marines as a deliberate act of revenge. Time Magazine reported the incident but it was Representative John Murtha (D-PA) who pronounced them GUILTY OF MURDER while the case was still under investigation. On May 17, 2006 the following story was posted on msnbc: Lawmaker: Marines killed Iraqis ‘in cold blood’.
Murtha, a vocal opponent of the war in Iraq, said at a news conference Wednesday that sources within the military have told him that an internal investigation will show that "there was no firefight, there was no IED (improvised explosive device) that killed these innocent people. Our troops overreacted because of the pressure on them, and they killed innocent civilians in cold blood." [Emphasis mine]
There were also 8 "bad guys" and one Marine killed at Haditha. Charges were brought against 8 Marines as a result of the investigation which followed.

Today, according to this article Haditha charges dropped against top Marine officer, a Judge dismissed the charges against the highest ranking officer, who while not present at Haditha, was charged with Violating a Lawful Order and Dereliction of Duty.
Military Judge Col. Steven Folsom dropped all charges against Lt. Col. Jeffrey Chessani, who was accused of violating a lawful order and dereliction of duty, at a hearing at the Camp Pendleton Marine base in Southern California.
This action means that of the 8 Marines charged 6 have had the charges dropped and one was acquitted at his court marshall. None of the Marines has been found guilty of any charges, although One Marine still remains accused of wrong doing as Haditha.
The accused ringleader, Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich, still faces court martial. The proceedings against him, however, have been put on hold pending the appeal of a pretrial ruling.
John Murtha, a former Marine himself, not only violated one of the most sacred Democratic Guarantees, (presumption of innocence), but has failed to apologize for his disgraceful pronouncement.

It is for the bad example of Democratic Principles as shown by John Murtha that he is hereby presented the Scales of Injustice. I am sure that as one of the unindited Abscam defendants he will appreciate the award.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


That sounds like good news for most of us. This AP article, Obama says he would cut taxes for middle class, reports that Senator Obama maintains he can accomplish a middle class tax cut and more by exercising a more hands-on approach than John McCain.
Democrat Barack Obama told voters Saturday he would push an aggressive economic agenda as president: cutting taxes for the middle class, raising taxes on the wealthy, pouring money into "green energy" and requiring employers to set up retirement saving plans for their workers.
He outlines for us the benefits of his proposals.
Speaking to about 200 people in Wayne, a Philadelphia suburb, Obama made no new proposals but emphasized earlier ones in light of rising gas prices, inflation and job losses. They include a $1,000 tax cut for most working families; a new Social Security tax on incomes above $250,000; a "windfall profits" tax on oil companies; a $4,000 annual college tuition credit for those who commit to national or community service programs; and an end to income taxes for elderly people making less than $50,000 a year.
And this is how Obama will pay for these benefits.
Obama said he could pay for his programs by eliminating the Bush administration's tax cuts for the wealthy, winding down the Iraq war and spending more on alternative energy programs that eventually will save money.
If you have watched any infomercials you have heard the next sentence. "BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE". And true to the to this tradition of selling a bill of goods, Senator Obama add this.
He said employers should be required to set up retirement saving plans for workers even if they contribute no money to them. Workers would automatically be enrolled unless they choose to opt out, he said. That way, he said, "most people will save more."
He also vowed to spend $150 billion over 10 years to establish a "green energy sector." It would require greater fuel efficiency in cars and devote more money to solar, wind, and biodiesel energy.
Not mentioned in this report, but part of the Official Obama Blueprint for change is the doubling of Foreign Aid to $50 Billion a year.

Time for a Reality Check. Separating taxpayers into 3 classes (lower, middle and upper) by per cent of total number of returns with an Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) greater than Zero, defines the Middle Class. The IRS latest released figures are for 2005. These figures separate the positive AGI taxpayers into 2 main groups - Top half and bottom half. The top 50% are further broken into sub groups.

These figures reveal that the Top Half paid 96.93% of Individual Income Taxes, and the top 25% paid 85.99%.


Note that those 75% of all positive AGI Taxpayers WHO PAID 14.01% OF ALL INCOME TAX INCLUDES ALL OF THE MIDDLE CLASS.
This group also includes 8% of the Upper Class.

Other interesting figures disclose that the highest 10% paid better than 70% of all individual income taxes; the top 5% paid almost 60%; and the TOP 1% PAID BETTER THAN 39% OF ALL INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES. We already have a highly graduated income tax system. Can we really expect the Upper Third of Individuals, who already pay about 90% of all individual income taxes to pay more, without increasing the tax rate for all? What's fair? is the question. While you consider your answer, remember that 90% already comes from the upper class.

For comparison, in 1980 the Bottom 50% of Individual Income Taxpayers with a positive AGI paid just over 7% of all individual income taxes. In the most recent 25 years of the IRS figures, the bottom half share of individual income taxes has fallen almost 60%. At the same time the highest 25% of positive AGI returns have seen their increasing share of Individual Income Taxes rise form 73% to 86% of all Federal Individual Income Taxes. The top 25% have seen their share increase more than 3 time the decrease of the lowest 50% of Individual Income Taxpayers.

Now look at corporate Income Tax rates. Currently the US rate is 39.3%. That is the second highest rate in the developed countries of the world. Only Japan is higher and then only 0.2%. Germany, UK, Australia, Spain, Mexico, Canada and Ireland are all lower in the Industrial Countries of the World. In fact Ireland's rate is 12.5% - less than one-third of the US rate. (Source: Corporate Income Tax Rates Around the World)

Added to the cost to Corporate America, Obama's desire to increase the minimum wage to $9.50/hr, mandatory Corporate employee retirement plans, re-doing our NAFTA Treaty and mandated higher fuel costs due to bio-fuels, Energy Restrictions and oil company "Windfall Profits" taxes is it any wonder jobs go overseas? (Ah, maybe that's what Obama means by reducing middle class income taxes - if you eliminate their jobs, there's no income to tax.)

While that may seem like a snide remark, the reality is that's what will happen. The oil company record profits are not "windfall profits". Industry wide the oil companies have an eight per cent (8.3% to be exact) profit margin. That's below the profit margin for all manufacturing. The gross profit figures are so high because the oil companies are so large, and remember these oil companies already pay 2 to 4 times as much in income taxes as they keep in profits. "Windfall Profits" go to the owners of the Reserves. These are currently Foreign Countries NOT subject to US Income Taxation.

Saving money by withdrawing from Iraq sounds good too. But a withdrawal of Troops before a diplomatic and peaceful end of the underlying causes will only result in our having to return at much greater expense and loss of American Lives. The cost now is nothing compared to defending our shores if we pull out before a victory.

Taxes represent Our Money. Taxes represent the greatest source of Government Dollars. Considering the way Senator Obama wants to spend OUR MONEY, can we really afford him?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Global Warming - A Fraud & A Scam

John Coleman makes this claim. More on that in a moment.

First Who is John Coleman? A Google search for John Coleman turned up this:
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John Coleman may be:

* John Coleman (Australian footballer)
* John Coleman (author), British spy and author
* John Coleman (British footballer)
* John Coleman (Medal of Honor), Medal of Honor recipient
* John Coleman (news weathercaster), founder of The Weather Channel
* John Coleman (VC), Victoria Cross recipient
* John Coleman (British author and psychologist)

In baseball

* John Coleman (outfielder/pitcher) (1863-1922)
* John Coleman (1890 pitcher) (1860-1915)
* John Coleman (1895 pitcher) (1873-1925)

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Certainly an interesting group of people all named John Coleman. The John Coleman we are interested in is John Coleman (news weathercaster), founder of The Weather Channel.

This John Coleman is very experienced and very knowledgeable about all things Weather Related - including Global Warming. He has spent a lifetime studying and reporting weather, climate and related issues. As one who has had a distinguished career, the founder of the Weather Channel, has come to the conclusion that Global Warming is not a settled issue. His credibility dictates we should listen.

With this background information about John Coleman, we are back to the Fraud and Scam issue. Mr. Coleman currently works at KUSI-TV in San Diego, CA. He contributes to a blog of sorts (Coleman's Corner) on the stations web site. Global Warming and the Price of a Gallon of Gas is where Mr. Coleman makes his case.
You may want to give credit where credit is due to Al Gore and his global warming campaign the next time you fill your car with gasoline, because there is a direct connection between Global Warming and four dollar a gallon gas. It is shocking, but true, to learn that the entire Global Warming frenzy is based on the environmentalist’s attack on fossil fuels, particularly gasoline. All this big time science, international meetings, thick research papers, dire threats for the future; all of it, comes down to their claim that the carbon dioxide in the exhaust from your car and in the smoke stacks from our power plants is destroying the climate of planet Earth. What an amazing fraud; what a scam.
The data supports Mr. Coleman, and he makes that Clear. In this article, Mr. Coleman gives us a great description of Who, What, When and How this Fraud/Scam has been promulgated.
To start with global warming has the backing of the United Nations, a major world force. Second, it has the backing of a former Vice President and very popular political figure. Third it has the endorsement of Hollywood, and that’s enough for millions. And, fourth, the environmentalists love global warming. It is their tool to combat fossil fuels. So with the environmentalists, the UN, Gore and Hollywood touting Global Warming and predictions of doom and gloom, the media has scrambled with excitement to climb aboard. After all the media loves a crisis. From YK2[sic] to killer bees the media just loves to tell us our lives are threatened. And the media is biased toward liberal, so it’s pre-programmed to support Al Gore and UN. CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, the Associated Press and here in San Diego The Union Tribune are all constantly promoting the global warming crisis.
That's a powerful group of advocates, but it is not settled yet according to climate researchers.
On May 20th, a list of the names of over thirty-one thousand scientists who refute global warming was released. Thirty-one thousand of which 9,000 are Ph.ds. Think about that. Thirty-one thousand. That dwarfs the supposed 2,500 scientists on the UN panel. In the past year, five hundred of scientists have issued public statements challenging global warming.
It is time to end this myth. Global Warming is more of a Natural Cycle of Earth. It is NOT a Man-Made catastrophe.

If you are concerned about the Global Warming issue, read John Coleman's comments and Statements. The links above will take you there. We are being hood-winked and it is a serious issue.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ye Shall Be Known By The Company Ye Keep

Are we judged by the company we keep? Most of us would say yes. Another Way of saying Birds of a feather flock together. Ex-Friends of Barack in "The Wall Street Journal" on-line seems to make the same point.
It turns out that Jim Johnson was not the man Barack Obama thought he knew.
Seems we've heard this line before.
Mr. Johnson now joins an intriguing and growing list of Mr. Obama's ex-associates that includes the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Father Michael Pfleger, and former terrorist bomber William Ayers. We might call this list eclectic, except that there is a consistent pattern of bad judgment followed by an initial defense, then followed by rapid disassociation and regret that none of them were the men Mr. Obama "knew."
Could there be another in the near future?
We can only wonder if Eric Holder, who is also among Mr. Obama's veep vetters, will be the next to join this club. As Deputy Attorney General in the Clinton Administration, he played a role in the Marc Rich pardon that also deserves to be fully vetted – all the more so if Mr. Holder is on the short list to be Mr. Obama's Attorney General.
Senator Obama emphasizes "Change" as something needed in Politics. Is this the kind of "Change" we deserve?

Are We Nuts, Or Just Insane?

The title is not a rhetorical question. It is a serious question about our Domestic Energy Policy. $4 Gasbags published in the Review and Outlook section of the on-line edition of "The Wall Street Journal" contains the following: hence the title.
Record-high fuel costs are hitting consumers and business like a huge tax increase. Yet the U.S. remains one of the only countries in the world that chooses as a matter of policy to lock up its natural resources. The Chinese think we're insane and self-destructive, while the Saudis laugh all the way to the bank. [Italics in original; Emphasis mine]
Our elected officials are elected to REPRESENT our best interests. Currently national polling data indicates almost 3 of every 5 voters considers the Exploration, Development and Production our DOMESTIC OIL and GAS Reserves our BEST INTEREST. But ...
Anyone wondering why U.S. energy policy is so dysfunctional need only review Congress's recent antics. Members have debated ideas ranging from suing OPEC to the Senate's carbon tax-and-regulation monstrosity, to a windfall profits tax on oil companies, to new punishments for "price gouging" – everything except expanding domestic energy supplies.
So the Chinese think we are NUTS and the Saudis cry for us all the way to the bank.

We deserve a better Representation from Congress and this includes both Senator Obama and Senator McCain. The amount of Reserves are staggering. We have enormous Domestic Reserves, but 97% is either off limits or undeveloped.
While energy "independence" is an impossible dream, there's no doubt the U.S. has vast undeveloped fossil-fuel deposits. A tiny corner of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contains an estimated 10.4 billion barrels of oil and would be the largest producing oil field in the Northern Hemisphere. Yet the Senate blocked that development as recently as last month. The Outer Continental Shelf is estimated to contain some 86 billion barrels of oil, plus 420 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Yet of the shelf's 1.76 billion acres, 85% is off-limits and 97% is undeveloped.
The other nations of the world are watching us self-destruct while shaking their heads in disbelief. On this issue we are the crazy Uncle in the Attic.

Before the Democrats gained control of the Congress in 2006, it was the Republicans who controlled the Domestic Energy Reserves. The issue was in favor of the Environmentalists up to the Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed era. Now the pendulum has swung the other way because in 2006 the price of gas was around $2 a gallon. Since the Democrats have become the majority, the price has doubled and the Average Joe and Jane have decided it is no longer OK to restrict Domestic Energy Production.

Unfortunately the most of the Democrats, (and a few Republicans) have not seen the writing on the wall. "It's the Energy Policy, and the High Cost of Gas, Stupid." We need to start now, because it will take 5-10 years to bring our Domestic Reserves to Market.
Yes, we know, increased drilling is no energy cure-all; new projects take about a decade to come on line. Then again, more than a few experts say that new production could affect price as the market perceives a new U.S. seriousness to increase supplies. Part of today's futures speculation is based on the assumption that supplies will remain tight for years to come, even as Chinese and Indian demand surges. [Italics in original]
In other words, just announcing a change in the Domestic Energy Policy would have a stabilizing effect on the price of energy. It is simple Economics 101 "The Law of Supply and Demand". Changing our Energy Policy is one step to greater Independence. The additional necessary step of increasing Refinery Capacity is the next step in this process.
Nor would merely repealing the exploration bans be enough. Between 2000 and 2007, the drilling of exploratory oil wells climbed 138%, but over the same period domestic crude oil production decreased 12.4% and fell to the lowest levels since 1947. Refineries for gasoline are stretched to the limit, but multiple regulatory barriers impede new construction or even expansions at existing facilities. Then there is the inevitable lawsuit downpour from the environmental lobby.
The public (voters) generally blame the Party in power for economic troubles. In this case that means the Republicans. And it can be fairly said that until 2006 the Republican Party was the problem, now it is the Democrats and the Congress they control who are the problem. Blaming the Republicans for the mess now is like blaming the motorist who ran the red light for the accident while the victim is bleeding in the street. It is time for the Democrats to call 911.
Democrats are going to have to grow up. The oil-rich areas they want to leave untouched are accessible with minimal environmental disturbance, thanks to modern technology. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita flattened terminals across the Gulf of Mexico but didn't cause a single oil spill. As for anticarbon theology, oil will be indispensable over the next half-century and probably longer, like it or not. Airplanes will never fly on woodchips, and you won't be able to charge your car with a windmill for some time, if ever.
So far the Democratic Party is refusing to recognizing they are the problem. They hold Committee hearings for Oil Executives to point fingers of blame instead of accepting responsibility. Jimmy Carter tried this some time ago - it didn't work.

Alas, John McCain has failed to capitalized on the opportunity. Hopefully the Republican Minority in Congress will.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Political Pandering?

This Reuters article, Obama says he would impose oil windfall profits tax, has an interesting lead paragraph.
RALEIGH, North Carolina (Reuters) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama said on Monday he would impose a windfall profits tax on U.S. oil companies as he sought political gain from Americans' pain over high gasoline prices. [Emphasis mine]
As this blog and many others have pointed out, there are no Oil Company windfall profits. It is the Oil Producing Countries which are reaping the Windfall Profits. See here, here and here.

Surely Senator Obama realizes this fact, but he is playing to emotion, not reason - For Votes. Right now gas is at an all-time high, so it is politically expedient to appeal to our pain at the pump.

The Democrats have publicly stated that they will implement the same type of measures that Jimmy Carter did when he became President. By imposing a "Windfall Profits Tax", the Oil Companies have less money to solve the price problem. And as during the Carter Administration, prices will continue higher, production will decrease and out dependence on FOREIGN OIL will increase. None of these are good things for the pocketbook.

On top of this, the Democrats want to raise the Corporate Tax Rate. At 35% it is already the SECOND highest rate among industrial nations of the world. Democrats in Congress have put 85% of our DOMESTIC Oil and Gas Reserves off limits. Add to this the increase in Minimum Wage, and the rapidly accelerating rate of demand for petroleum products by China and other rapidly developing Countries is it any wonder the price of Gas is forecast to increase?

Senator Obama is a very intelligent person, possibly the most intelligent Presidential Candidate we have had since Woodrow Wilson. He chooses his words very carefully and ALWAYS leaves wiggle room with weasel terms. Notice he does not say the Oil Companies have Windfall Profits, but IF they do he will tax them. He is a master at making statements which sound great, but have no meat.

His ideas and pronouncements make us feel good, but he has no plan to implement. We should be asking How and at what Cost.