Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Senator Barack Obama has claimed the word "Change" for his Campaign. But that's not the "Change" I had in mind.

Change as in Change of Mind, Change of Attitude or Change of Strategy are more along the lines of my thinking. Change can be a good thing. Change is an indication of maturity and sound judgment. Change shows a willingness to adapt and adjust to the situation. In this sense of change is a positive value.

Whereas lack of the ability to change is inflexibility, rigidity, stubbornness and foolish. Failure to adjust, adapt and overcome (change) is an indication of weakness, lack of vision and therefore a negative value.

But change can also be negative if it is done too often. Too often is just as bad as never for a leader. Changing positions too frequently is called Flip-Flopping. Flip-Flopping is another sign of weakness, vacillation and is not one the characteristics desirable in a leader.

Therefore it is unwise to label any Politician a Flip-Flopper because of a change in position, attitude or strategy. If something isn't working, it makes sense to change to make it work. With any change the analysis must include the answer to the Question "WHY?", before an accurate assessment of the reasonableness for the change is determined.

John Kerry changed his position on almost every issue so often he was correctly tagged with the label of Flip-Flopper. Barack Obama has changed his position on his Church Matters, Presidential negotiations without preconditions and the Iraq situation at present that he is very close to fitting the Flip-Flopper definition.

George Bush (43rd) has on rare occasions made changes as conditions warranted. The Surge in Iraq, and now he and John McCain have both changed their attitudes toward allowing Oil and Gas Exploration/Production in Coastal US waters. While the Democrats have bellowed "Flip-Flop" loudly, these changes do not a Flip-Flop make.

Cuba is allowing China to drill only 60 miles from our shores. Personally, I would rather have US safeguards and regulations control of the activity this close to our land. After Katrina, Wilma and Rita we lost about 1,000 Gulf Rigs without an oil spill. Will the Chinese Standards be this good?

Leadership is recognizing an opportunity and taking action. The opportunity is to become more petroleum independent. The action is removing the restrictions. The restrictions may have made sense when oil was $35 a barrel, but at over $120 a barrel, the possible negatives are far outweighed by the positive benefits.

In real estate the catch phrase is Location, Location & Location. The World situation catch phrase is Drill, Drill & Drill. Thank you John McCain and George Bush for taking the lead and speaking out in favor of an idea whose time has come.

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