Friday, August 17, 2007

Immigration Issue

When is a law OK to break without consequence? Surely most of us will agree that civil disobedience in protest against a perceived bad law is one of the rights of a true Democracy. But until the objectionable law is repealed, there is a consequence for this civil disobedience. Usually that involves a fine or Jail time upon conviction. So it was during the civil rights protests of the 1960s, and the anti-war protests during the Vietnam War. There are other examples too, some of which did not remain civil, but all of which had consequences.

It has happened before. It will happen again, but all of the past law breaking, no matter how just the cause, has resulted in consequences. Even the so-called "Regan Amnesty" had consequences. The actual name of the Legislation, the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 did not mention the word Amnesty. This legislation did not automatically grant green cards or permanent resident status to any illegal immigrant. It was not free and only allowed those illegal immigrants who met certain requirements to apply for temporary residence in the USA.

This legislation was a failure in the sense that it was intended to stop future illegal immigration. A failure because today there are somewhere between 10 and 20 million illegal immigrants in the USA. The burden on our social structure, (schools, hospitals etc.) has been escalating exponentially. And it's all paid for by our Tax Dollars. The Tax Dollars of the Legal Citizens, for the benefit of the Illegal Aliens.

To add insult to injury, many cities have declared themselves "Sanctuary Cities". These cities will not ask any person about his immigration status, and are not allowed to consider immigration status under any circumstance. They will not enforce Federal Law or even notify Federal Authorities of possible illegal immigrants. Not even those illegal aliens who have been convicted of the most violent Felonious Crimes. "Sanctuary Cities" and Amnesty Legislation are examples of civil disobedience without consequence.

This is why so many illegal aliens are still on our streets committing 2nd, 3rd and 4th murder and vehicular homicides upon legal citizens after DUI, Rape or Sodomy convictions. Crimes they would not have been able to commit if the 1st conviction had been reported to Federal Authorities for Deportation as the laws require. They cannot commit a crime in the USA if they're not here to commit them. This is the consequence. But its victim is not the individual. It is Society which pays the price.

Illegal Immigration is a crime which we have the capacity to prevent. It does not require a whole set of new laws, just enforcement of existing law. Put up the Border Fence, patrol the Border, deport convicted criminals and Fine Employers who hire Illegal immigrants. Other practices would help too, but they are secondary to the preceding requirements. These secondary actions include Stopping Federal Payments to "Sanctuary Cities", and allowing only Legal Citizens to qualify for benefits such as Welfare, Food Stamps and Unemployment Insurance.

If there is no incentive to come to the USA, illegal immigration will dry up, and those already here will voluntarily go home. We don't need to hunt down every illegal immigrant. There will be no mass deportations, if we just enforce the current laws.

Because Illegal Immigration and Radical Islam are two of the greatest problems we face in this country, I read with great interest what our Political Candidates express on these issues. Enforcing our Immigration Laws by Lamar Smith has articulated Mitt Romney's position on the immigration issue.
For far too long, too many have spoken out on the problem of illegal immigration but done too little. The laws we need to combat illegal immigration are on the books in this country, and they are pretty clear. However, these laws only work if they are enforced across all levels of government – federal, state and local. If we are to end illegal immigration, we must establish the rule of law and enforce the current laws.

That is why the practice of creating sanctuary policies in places like New York City is so troubling. "Sanctuary cities" tell those who are here illegally that the laws of this country do not matter. Sanctuary policies create virtual amnesty zones for illegal immigrants. While amnesty was just defeated in the Congress, places like New York City offer a promise of amnesty to those who ignore our immigration laws. It is disturbing that some cities have intentionally decided that certain laws do not need to be enforced.
Both the recently defeated Congressional Illegal Immigrant Amnesty Bill, and the establishment of "Sanctuary Cities", are examples of Civil Disobedience without individual consequence. These actions constitute a serious erosion of our Democratic values as crimes against society. We are a society which has taught the last generation that our bad actions are not our fault. We are encouraged to blame others for our transgressions. There is no accountability, and no responsibility. It is time to reverse the course.

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