Sunday, April 12, 2009


UPDATE April 12, 2009: President Obama did affirm the use of Military Resources to rescue American Ship Captain Richard Phillips. However, the use of Military Resources is an authority the On Scene Commander already possessed. President Obama made no public statement of condemnation prior to the successful military action, and he gave no order to use or authorize active Military Action. He should have. See How the rescue happened for clarification.

When the most powerful man in the world is silent on issues of concern to his position, the world draws it's own conclusions. Is it due to weakness, uncertainty, lack of experience or fear that keeps President Obama from condemning the act of piracy? Why shouldn't President Obama make his and therefore the US position crystal clear?

Will the US stand by and let the pirates dictate to the most powerful nation in the world? If so is the US really the most powerful? The rest of the world will judge for themselves, and I believe the world will see the President as weak and ineffective.

Failure to condem, failure to even comment does not show strength.

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