Monday, April 6, 2009


When the country elected Obama President, did they really want an agenda of Leftist Policies pushing this country closer and closer to the European Model of Socialism? As wiser men than me have often said, "Be careful what you wish or pray for, because you just may get it!" STUART VARNEY highlights one of the ways to get to the Socialistic Model. It's called Control, and Obama Wants to Control the Banks is a good example of Governmental (Obama) control towards the Socialistic End.
I really thought the administration would welcome the return of bank bailout money. Some $340 million in TARP cash flowed back this week from four small banks in Louisiana, New York, Indiana and California. This isn't much when we routinely talk in trillions, but clearly that money has not been wasted or otherwise sunk down Wall Street's black hole. So why no cheering as the cash comes back?
According to Mr. Varney, this is a form of Class-Warfare leading to Control.
The government wants to control the banks, just as it now controls GM and Chrysler, and will surely control the health industry in the not-too-distant future. Keeping them TARP-stuffed is the key to control. And for this intensely political president, mere influence is not enough. The White House wants to tell 'em what to do. Control. Direct. Command.
Obama wants to Control the Banks to the point some paybacks HAVE BEEN REFUSED.Under the Bush Administration
Here's a true story first reported by my Fox News colleague Andrew Napolitano (with the names and some details obscured to prevent retaliation). Under the Bush team a prominent and profitable bank, under threat of a damaging public audit, was forced to accept less than $1 billion of TARP money. The government insisted on buying a new class of preferred stock which gave it a tiny, minority position. The money flowed to the bank. Arguably, back then, the Bush administration was acting for purely economic reasons. It wanted to recapitalize the banks to halt a financial panic. [Emphasis mine]
OK, Bush started it, but as Mr. Varney states for "...purely economic reasons."

Now we have the Obama Administration acting for purely political reasons.
Fast forward to today, and that same bank is begging to give the money back. The chairman offers to write a check, now, with interest. He's been sitting on the cash for months and has felt the dead hand of government threatening to run his business and dictate pay scales. He sees the writing on the wall and he wants out. But the Obama team says no, since unlike the smaller banks that gave their TARP money back, this bank is far more prominent. The bank has also been threatened with "adverse" consequences if its chairman persists. That's politics talking, not economics. [Emphasis mine]
I don't believe the Majority of voters who voted for Obama intended for this country to make such a LEFT TURN.

Mr. Varney goes on to correctly criticize the "Pay For Performance Act" recently passed by the House.
This is an outstanding example of class warfare. I'm an Englishman. We invented class warfare, and I know it when I see it. This legislation allows the administration to dictate pay for anyone working in any company that takes a dime of TARP money. This is a whip with which to thrash the unpopular bankers, a tool to advance the Obama administration's goal of controlling the financial system.
The examples of the extreme LEFT TURN abound. It's no longer "we the people". Rather it has become "Obama and the Democrats in Government" who "CONTROL" our destiny.

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