Friday, August 29, 2008

I Was Wrong - That's The Good News

Some time ago I made my predictions as to who the Democrats and Republicans would choose as their Presidential Ticket in 2008. (November Prediction)

I was right about the top of each ticket (Obama and McCain), but I thought Obama would pick Bill Richardson of New Mexico as his VP. And I also predicted Michael Steele of Maryland would be McCain's VP. One of the reasons I made this choice was both Richardson an Steele would add executive experience to the Ticket.

The Good News is the fact that the VP choices were wrong. Obama's choice was Joe Biden, another Senator with no executive experience, and McCain's choice is Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska.

As a Conservative, this is great news. It appears to me that Joe Biden is a weak addition (although long on Foreign Relations) and does not add anything to the Democratic Selection. In fact, Senator Biden probably is a lialibality or at the very least a neuteral choice.

At the same time, Governor Palin is an energy boost to the Republican Side. As a Female Executive, she is very likely to attract many Hillary supporters to the Republican column. In addition she supports "Right to Life", Gun owners, Catholics, Mothers and others who feel that the "Cracks in the Glass Ceiling" are now much wider.

Great choice. Two mavericks who are able to claim McCain/Palin are the better agents of change.

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