Thursday, October 4, 2007

Censorship By Senate Democrats

Limbaugh Makes His Case is one of the recent articles by Byron York for National Republic Online (NRO). Mr. York makes the case for Rush Limbaugh and why the Senate Democrats are attacking Rush. Charlie Gibson on ABC's World News, ran a story with this headline: "Phony War Vets".
On Monday evening, September 24, Rush Limbaugh was struck by a story that appeared on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson. “A closer look tonight at phony heroes,” Gibson said in his introduction to the report, which was about men who claim to be veterans but are not. In the story, reporter Brian Ross discussed two men who claimed to have served in wartime, possibly to receive free veterans’ hospital and other benefits. [emphasis mine]
Could it be that Rush was only following up an ABC World News story? Obviously the phony heroes, phony war vets and phony soldiers are all very similar characterizations of the Fake Military Veterans the Left has hailed in their attempts to turn public opinion against the IRAQ WAR. Fake because Jessie Macbeth, Reggie Buddle, Scott Beauchamp and others have either not served or otherwise made FALSE claims about their service.

ABC World News, as noted above, aired this story on September 24th. Two days later Rush made his "phony soldiers" comment. Why haven't the Senate Democrats, who attacked Rush, not attacked ABC and Charlie Gibson? Answer - The MSM, of which ABC is a Member, is generally biased to the Left's Political View. Rush is not.

By creating a false firestorm of controversy in order to discredit one of the biggest opposing views, the Democrats have gained sorely needed points with the Democrats Far Left base. In addition to which Harry Reid et al want to further silence the Right Point of View by having Rush taken off Armed Forces Radio. And the Democrats need as many points as they can after the General Betray Us ad. had mentioned "Phony Soldiers" last May, and for those who claim that Rush did not mention Jessie Macbeth until almost 2 minutes after he made the Phony Soldiers comment.
Limbaugh decided to make the story [about Macbeth] the subject of his commentary for Tuesday, September 25, a commentary that played in the morning on the 600 stations that carry Limbaugh’s show. “We researched it and put the commentary together,” Limbaugh continued. “In our research, we also found a story on from, I believe, May 20th on Macbeth that had ‘Phony Soldier’ in the headline. We also found a press release from the U.S. Attorney, Western District of Washington, on 9/21, who had successfully prosecuted eight of what he called ‘Fake Soldiers’ who had defrauded the VA system.”
If you chose to read the selected quotes posted at Media Matters, the picture is very different than listening to the actual Rush Broadcast. Media Matters is not the Non-Biased Media Watchdog Group that the name suggests.
And even though there are political arguments on all sides of this controversy, independent-minded critics who look at Media Matters might conclude that its political motivations are simply too strong to merit serious consideration. In addition to its ties to major Democratic donors and to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, Media Matters is a deeply politicized organization down to its lowest levels. In the past few days, it has posted eleven stories on the Limbaugh matter. Those postings were written by, among others, Julie Millican, a veteran of the Kerry campaign,, and the Democratic turnout organization America Coming Together; Sarah Pavlus, formerly of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee; Andrew Ironside, who worked for the Howard Dean campaign; Adam Shah, a lawyer who worked for the Alliance for Justice, the organization best known for opposing President Bush’s judicial nominees; Jeremy Schulman, a former spokesman for Colorado Democratic congressional candidate Dave Thomas; and Matthew Gertz, former deputy campaign manager for Connecticut Democratic congressional candidate Diane Farrell, as well as intern for New York Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer.
In other words, one might justly conclude that Media Matters is a Biased Democratic Political Front Group that wants to use Congressional Censorship to silence one of the Rights Most Effective Voices.

For more on Media Matters Political Ties, read this article also by Byron York. (The Real Media Matters)

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