Friday, July 13, 2007

Gore's - It's CO2

Al Gore continues with his tirade about Global Warming. Remarkably he wants us to reduce CO2 emissions by 90% and the sooner the better. Yet the Research shows that Carbon Dioxide or CO2 is not so much a cause of Global Warming, as it is an indicator of the fact that the Earth is Warming. In June 2006, Tom Harris wrote in an article titled The gods are laughing:
In fact, the correlation between CO2 and temperature that Gore speaks about so confidently is simply non-existent over all meaningful time scales. [University of Ottawa] climate researcher Professor Jan Veizer demonstrated that, over geologic time, the two are not linked at all.
It does appear that the atmospheric increase in CO2 since the Industrial Revolution began can largely be attributed to our use of Wood and Fossil Fuels (coal, gas and oil). But the fact remains that a large part of the atmospheric Carbon Dioxide is caused by natural events such as volcanoes. Besides CO2 accounts for less than 1% of the Earth's Atmosphere. So legislating expensive Political solutions for reducing Carbon Dioxide will have little impact on Global Warming.

A much more significant part of the Greenhouse Gases that contribute to Global Warming is Water Vapor (H2O). Water vapor is 95% of the atmospheric Greenhouse Gases. An Inconvenient Truth about Water Vapor is that as the amount of water in the air increases, so do the clouds. Clouds are significant because they reflect solar energy and contribute to Global Cooling. Water vapor, due to cloud formation, is self limiting in its contribution to Global Warming.

Al Gore continues to make claims that are not backed by Scientific Study and Facts. Even worse, many preachers of Global Warming Doom, use short term weather events to make predictions of long term disasters. Tim Blair wrote in an article titled Fear of a global 'coldening' today (July 14, 2007) in the Australian Newspaper, "The Daily Telegraph" which pointed out that Australia had the Coldest June since 1950. Colder despite the fact that in the last six decades, Trillions of tons of carbon have been "horked" into the atmosphere.
Relying on such a tiny sample would be unscientific and wrong, even if it involves an entire freakin' continent's weather patterns throughout the course of a whole month, for Christ's sake.

No such foolishness will be indulged in here.

Sadly, those who believe in global warming - and who would compel us also to believe - aren't similarly constrained. A few hot days are all they ever need to get the global warming bandwagon rolling; evidently it's solar powered.
Tim is a little snarky, but he effectively makes the point that the Global Warmers formed their conclusion, then selectively twist the facts to support the conclusion. This is smoke and mirrors, not Science. Unlike the "Chicken Little" Global Warming crowd, the Climate Scientist gathers the facts first, then develops a hypothesis based on and consistent with all the facts, not just the convent ones.

John at "Blue Marble Climate" has more on this subject.

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