Monday, July 19, 2010


Obama to GOP: Restore Jobless Benefits contains a video link and some of the text of President Obama's address today. It is rather shameful that he is playing partisan politics and name calling.
On Monday, he sought to cast his Republican opponents as hypocritical for having voted for extensions of unemployment benefits when his Republican predecessor, President George W. Bush, was in the White House, but not now. He accused Republican leaders of subscribing to what he called a misguided notion that providing unemployment aid to people lowers their incentive to look hard for a job.
However, the following quote is the most disingenuous, misleading, misrepresentation of the facts.
"That attitude, I think, reflects a lack of faith in the American people," Obama said. [Emphasis Mine]
Our President should be a positive influence, not practicing what can only be called highly partisan remarks. Obama knows and Harry Reid knows that an alternative Republican proposal is on the table which would allow passage of extended Unemployment Benefits. The only question is how do we pay for the $34 cost of the extension.

Offshore drilling moratorium affects everyone to the tune of 12,046 Jobs lost. That's directly due to President Obama's Moratorium on Offshore Drilling in The Gulf of Mexico.

TARP Audit Questions Rush to Close Auto Dealers shows that when the Obama Administration chose to cancel the contract of GM and Chrysler dealerships this move cost 10s of thousands of jobs.

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