Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Senator John Kerry (D-MA) wants to bail out failing Newspapers like the Boston Globe. Kerry aims to rescue newspapers
"America's newspapers are struggling to survive, and while there will be serious consequences in terms of the lives and financial security of the employees involved, including hundreds at the Globe, there will also be serious consequences for our democracy where diversity of opinion and strong debate are paramount," Mr. Kerry said.
Mr. Kerry is absolutely correct to point out that "...there will also be serious consequences for our democracy..." when the Government OWNS the paper. Just exactly how objective and unbiased can the paper dare to be when every Government Official, every Elected Official directs the paper's policy and content? Any paper that receives bailout money is no longer "Independent" or a part of the "Free Press".

This is an idea which is a waste of time and Tax Dollars (our money).
"I am committed to your fight, committed to your industry and committed to ensuring that the vital public service newspapers provide does not disappear," Mr. Kerry told the Globe employees.
If Senator Kerry "...wants to ensure the vital public service newspapers provide does not disappear...", he should subscribe rather than hold hearings (at Taxpayer expense).
Lawmakers are witnessing the crisis firsthand. Press watchdogs who once prowled Capitol Hill are disappearing, replaced by special-interest publications and foreign news organizations.
If our Government provides funds for the Newspaper industry, will not the Press be totally replaced by more special-interest publications? Good-grief what a waste of time and money. Lets get back to the Business of Government, which should be responsibility, accountability and a balanced budget.

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