Sunday, November 30, 2008

Will Obama, Pelosi and Reid Agree?

The "Chicken Little" group that Al Gore and his ilk lead have set the stage for this. Lawyers call for international court for the environment which would set punishments for Nations and Companies who violate wildlife and environmental policy.
The first role of the new body would be to enforce international agreements on cutting greenhouse gas emissions set to be agreed next year.

But the court would also fine countries or companies that fail to protect endangered species or degrade the natural environment and enforce the "right to a healthy environment". [Emphasis mine]
The Scientists cannot agree (despite what the Goracle says) that Global Warming is man made. Yet some International Judge is going to decide the fate of those who don't abide by the "Chicken Little's" of the world? What kind of justice is this?

The evidence is proving that man is not responsible for any Global Warming due to an increase in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels. It is a fact that CO2 levels have continued to increase, but the temperature since 2001 has not. Therefore the Computer Models are WRONG!!! So these lawyers want to punish the innocent for something which cannot be proven.World Cools On Man-Made Global Warming

Is it any wonder Lawyers have such a bad reputation?

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