Wednesday, November 26, 2008

President Elect Obama

To this point I have refrained from making any comments about the President Elect Obama and the "Office of the President Elect" (whatever that's about). But the time has come to comment.

As Barack Obama has demonstrated from his days as a "Community Organizer", the rhetoric is great. But how is this change? President Elect Obama's announcements of advisors signals more of a Third Clinton Term, than "change we can believe in". Admittedly he has no Executive Powers at present and will not until Jan 20, 2009, so I remain hopeful that change is going to happen during an Obama Presidency.

At the same time, Barack Obama has no record of action which matches his words. In fact he talks center, but has always voted extreme left. A change in January would be most welcome, but history says his words are feel good empty promises.

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