Friday, October 24, 2008

Voters, Wise UP

Congress is currently considering another Rebate to stimulate the economy. This will not solve the current economic crisis. How can a responsible Congress look at the National Debt, which is currently more than $10,000,000,000,000.00!!! Folks that's Over 10 Trillion Dollars we don't have.

Congress needs a wake-up up call!!! We are the Voters who allow these irresponsible windbags to $pend our money. We put them in office and, if we wake up, we can take them out.

It is up to the Voters, YOU, to stop this nonsense. Congress must be held accountable. They cannot keep spending the money we don't have.

You make the call. You decide who to vote for. Before you do, use your brain. Use your ears to process what the candidates are saying they will do.

Obama and the Democrats want to raise taxes. Now forget the part that says only those who make over $250,000.00, because his spending programs cannot possibly be funded only by the rich. Why? Because the $250,000 is only for Families where both taxpayers work. For the Single wage taxpayer it's $125,000. Second, with 40% of the tax returns resulting in no Tax Liability, it is a $pend program. Third, his World Poverty, World Health and other World $pending Programs, will cost Trillions of dollars more than his tax program can produce.

And if Obama's World $pending already outpaces his Tax Cuts, what happens when you add the increases and new $pending for the US. Even if we pull out of Iraq, there is still not enough money to offset the Obama $pending Mandate.

This kind of $pending is IRRESPONSIBLE and will lead to 1)higher taxation 2)reducing the $250,000 tax cut levels 3)higher National debt or 4)a combination or all of the above.

Democrats other than Obama/Biden are beginning to say more taxation is necessary. Barney Frank (D-MA), for one, recently said we need to raise taxes. None of the Democrats are saying we need to Reduce Spending. The Democrats were quick to point out that we cannot Drill our way out of Foreign Oil Dependence, but the Democrats are equally adament that we can $pend our way out of an Economic Crisis.

Look at these two ideas. Democrats are correct about not being able to Drill our way out of Foreign Oil Dependence, but we can DECREASE our dependence by Drilling in the US. On the other hand, the Democrats are wrong about $pending money we don't have to solve our Economic Crisis, because increased $pending and Higher Taxes only add to the problem of our National Debt.

Simply put, we need our Congress to cut spending. We need our Congress to follow the example of the other developed countries of the World and keep taxes low. Lower taxes actually increase revenue as individual and corporate expansion grows. More income and more corporate profits due to lower taxes creates more tax revenue than higher rates and reduced income and profit. And when Business Grows, WE ADD JOBS.

Raising Taxes and Increasing Government $pending was the policy of the Hoover Presidency. It helped create the Depression and inhibited growth for individuals and corporations for the next 10 years.

So it's up to YOU the VOTERS, to choose wisely. Vote for those who will reduce our Federal, State and Local $pending. I will remind you that ONLY John McCain has said he wants to reduce The Federal $pending. Yes he opposed the Bush Tax Cuts in Congress, but do you know why? He voted against the Bush Tax Cuts BECAUSE there were no corresponding $pending Cuts.

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