Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Ophra Has A BIG Problem

Ophra has become a target of many (especially women) who object to her decision not to have Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin appear on her show before the November 2008 Presidential Election. Is this outrage against Ophra Justified? The answer is (or at least should be) obvious? No, but to a large degree, it is a problem of her own making.

Remember, it is her program and as such Ophra has a right to choose who she asks to be a guest on her show.

Also remember the "Equal Rights Provisions" of Federal Election Law. Simply stated, now that Sarah Palin is the Republican VP Presidential Candidate, if she is a guest on Ophra's show, Ophra MUST, by law grant equal time to all other Presidential VP Candidates. The Presidential Campaigns of Ralph Nadar, Ron Paul, Bill Barr and Barack Obama (and others?) would also have to be granted equal time on Ophra's Program.

And there may be another reason Ophra refuses to invite Ms. Palin to a Guest Appearance.

After the hit her Magazine and TV program took because of her support for Barack Obama, Ophra is being cautious. However, it is also possible that she feels that Sarah Palin's appearance on the Ophra Show may convince enough voters to vote for the McCain/Palin Ticket. And this could cause the Presidential Campaign of Obama/Biden (which Ophra strongly supports) to loose the November Election.

Ophra has placed herself firmly between a Rock and a Hard Place. But, Ophra created this conundrum for herself when she pledged her support for Barack Obama.


Victoria said...

There's a good reason for not inviting Palin to her show: Palin is a joke.

Wilhelmus said...

The US-people get what they deserve:a stupid woman running for VP. In Holland we care about quality.

Murky Research said...
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Murky Research said...

Victoria meet Wilhelmus. You seem ideally suited to each other. Did you both contribute to the Obama Campaign?

Be more specific as to your reasons for stating that Palin is a joke and/or stupid please.

[Note: Original commnt deleted and replaced by this one to clarify the comment. Murky Research]