Sunday, May 11, 2008

Obama Notes

Somehow this statement found within this document FactSheetPoverty.pdf (current as of 5/10/08) on Senator Barack Obama's Web Site ...
Barack Obama believes that workers should have the freedom to choose whether to join a union without harassment or intimidation from their employers [Emphasis mine]
... is in direct conflict with his support of the Employee Free Choice Act Legislation currently stalled in Congress.

Currently the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) requires a secret ballot majority vote of the employees to establish Union Representation at the Employers Work Location. The Employee Free Choice Act eliminates the Secret Ballot Vote. It is a very public Card Check vote where each employees vote is visible to all.

Obama claims the Employer is currently able to practice intimidation and unfairly restrict Union votes, primarily because the Union Organizers are not allowed to disrupt Company operations in order to Organize the employees. Somehow this equates with a secret ballot being un-democratic.

What the Employee Free Choice Act allows is much more intimidating because of the elimination of one of the corner-stone fundamentals of a Democracy - the Secret Ballot Vote. This Act Destroys this fundamental right of the employees.

If the present plan is weighted in favor of the Employer, substitution of a plan which is weighted exclusively for the Unions is worse. Better we fix the current problem (if there is one) than create an even worse problem.

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