Sunday, April 27, 2008

Rev. Al Sharpton's Race Baiting

The reverend Al Sharpton is apparently a man who believes in an "eye for an eye". He has agitated followers to by inflammatory remarks to attempt in the near future to shut-down New York City.

Why? Because the justice system didn't work to his favor. Associated Press VERENA DOBNIK's, with the help of writer Tom Hays have written an article describing the unfortunate confrontation between undercover police officers and unarmed man shot to death by police on his wedding day...
Three police officers fired 50 times, killing Sean Bell last year. Two of the New York City Undercover Detectives are Black as was Sean Bell. This has reverend Sharpton playing the race card to make his threats.

While 50 shots may sound excessive to anyone who has not been involved in a shooting where you believe your life is in danger, it is not automatically out of line when all the facts are considered.
Bell was killed outside the strip club as he was leaving his bachelor party. The officers - undercover detectives who were investigating reports of prostitution at the club - said they thought one of the men had a gun.
While no weapon was found at the scene, the officers testified they heard one of the men with Sean Bell say Yo, go get my gun. Bell's companions deny the statement was ever made.

Who is right? Most of us will never know, but this much is clear. The reverend Sharpton's comments do not help.
Sharpton lambasted the judge who acquitted the detectives, saying a jury should been seated to decide guilt or innocence. Sharpton has threatened to "shut the city down" with organized civil disobedience. [emphasis mine]
Since when does anyone but the defendants have the right to request a jury trial? Sounds like the reverend Sharpton is only throwing gasoline on the fire to me.

This situation is tragic, but the solution is not agitation, race baiting and more violence. As a preacher of the Gospel, the reverend Sharpton should be working as a calming influence, not the match to ignite a city.

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