Friday, February 29, 2008

Thoughts for November

There is much talk about what to do in Iraq from all sides of the Political Spectrum. The question of what to do about Iraq is important, and cause for genuine differences of opinion. But what to do next is sometimes clouded with issues and charges which have no place in any decision for future actions.

The biggest charge which should be given no consideration in deciding what to do now is WHY DID WE GO THERE? This is a question for the Historians to decide. It is not an issue on which to make your voting decisions in November.

The only issues which deserve our consideration now all must be based on WHAT DO WE DO NOW? We are there. We do not get a do-over. And because we are there, the important question is What do we do now?.

To put this into context, think about this situation. You have suffered a broken leg. You need attention. To argue at this point about the actions which caused the break is pointless and dangerous. The actions which caused the break are for the reflective period after the necessary treatment for the injury.

Now is the time to debate the consequences of future actions to heal the break. Is treatment to begin at the accident scene, or should immediate transportation to a Medical Facility be the first action? ETC.

Now apply this analogy to Iraq. Do not begin by arguing about why we got involved. Begin by asking what's the best course of action right now? Do we have the necessary commanders, tactics, supplies, and other resources to successfully complete the present mission? What will happen if we continue? What will happen if we pull-out. How can we accomplish either task? And most important, which actions give us the greatest chance for success?

Remember this in November. History will decide the question of Why? We, the Voters must decide What to do NOW!

There will be more on this in the coming months.

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