Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Charlie Wilson's RONALD REAGAN'S WAR

According to Hollywood, as presented in "Charlie Wilson's War", opening this Friday, conveniently forgets History. The Investors Business Daily (IBD) has published Reagan's War, Not Charlie Wilson's as an attempt to counter Media Bias.
Hollywood would have us believe that Democrats defeated the evil empire in Afghanistan, and that President Reagan played only a minor role and even helped pave the way to 9/11.
Of course Hollywood has a long history of rewriting History. In "Charlie's War", President Reagan is a bit player. In reality it is Charlie Wilson who should be the footnote.
Charlie Wilson was a pro-abortion, Equal Rights Amendment-supporting congressman widely known as "the liberal from Lufkin." To his credit, he did play a role in facilitating support to the Afghan mujahadeen. But it is he who should be the historical footnote.
Of the 5 main characters involved in the actual events in Afghanistan, (Charlie being one), 4 were Republican Conservatives.
The movie is based on the book by former "60 Minutes" staffer George Crile. Crile's credits include the infamous 1982 CBS documentary alleging that Gen. William Westmoreland led a conspiracy to mislead America about the Vietnam War. The screenplay was written by Aaron Sorkin of "West Wing" fame.
Considering the writing history of the authors of the Book and the Screenplay, helps to explain the possible bias presented in the film.

Actually another Left-Wing conspiracy theory is also featured in "Charlie Wilson's War".
The movie also perpetuates the left-wing myth that the covert operation funded Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida and ultimately led to the 9/11 attacks. Reagan-era officials such as Ikle say Osama never got funding or weapons from the U.S. and that he didn't launch his terror war until after U.S. involvement and the Soviet withdrawal in 1989.
Alas Jimmie Carter is also not featured prominently in this movie.
It was his naivete about Communist expansion that led the Soviets to invade Afghanistan in the first place. Had Reagan not beaten Carter in 1980 there would have been no Stingers and no victory in the Cold War.
Food for thought.

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