Sunday, November 18, 2007

Political Global Warming is DANGEROUS

Global Warming is a fact. Global Climate Change has been going on since the Earth was created. The debate question is "What is the cause of Global Warming?" Despite what Political Figures say, the question is not settled, according to the Scientists. The only place it appears to be settled is in the mind of "Chicken Little" Politicians like Al Gore and now UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

In an article by Arthur Max, (UN Panel Gives Dire Warming Forecast) the UN Secretary-General is calling on the US and China, as the Earth's largest polluters, ... to do more to slow global climate change. Like most Politicians, the "facts" should never stand in the way of Political Correctness and Gain.

Several "facts" about Global Warming are not mentioned in this one-sided presentation. Among the unmentioned but confirmed "facts" are:
  1. The Earth has been both Warmer and Colder in the Past
  2. The cost of Carbon Dioxide reduction as per the Kyoto Accord requires extreme (read impossible) Life Style Changes
  3. Carbon Dioxide is not the major Greenhouse Gas
  4. At least 1/2 of the atmospheric Carbon Dioxide results from Natural Events (Volcanoes)
  5. Since the Arctic Ice Cap is floating, its melting will not significantly affect Ocean Levels
  6. The Antarctic Ice Cap is Growing.
  7. Polar Bear populations are growing or at least stable
  8. Al Gore will not sign has own Global Warming Pledge
  9. Al Gore will not debate Global Warming nor explain the "factual" errors contained in his movie "An Inconvient Truth"
There are other "facts" which show "Chicken Little" alarmists claim of disaster unless we act now, are costly, will be unproductive and unnecessary. Political Mandates on Global Warming are dangerous. For more facts, click here.

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