Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Everything Happens Because of Global Warming

At least that's what some Politicians Think Say. And for the most part the MSM agrees. One exception is John Stossel as shown by this The Global-Warming Debate Isn't Over.
First he won the Oscar -- then the Nobel Peace Prize. He's being called a "prophet."
And out of the mouth of the "Prophet" comes the statement that Global Warming is not a Political Issue.
Impressive, considering that one of former Vice President Al Gore's chief contributions has been to call the debate over global warming "over" and to marginalize anyone who disagrees. Although he favors major government intervention to stop global warming, he says, "the climate crisis is not a political issue. It is a moral and spiritual challenge to all of humanity". [emphasis mine]
When is the debate over? Most would agree when your opponent is beaten with facts into submission. Such is not the case for Al Gore's brand of Global Warming. However, Al considers the oratory of a "Prophet" (even if self-declared) to be the final word in any debate.

Gore declares that his facts are bigger than the opposition. So even if a British Judge, and Countless Scientists disagree based on evidence and factual findings the Goracle claims he's right and you're wrong. Gore operates on the following Principal. If the facts don't fit the Theory, throw out the facts, or recount until I win.

Mr. Stossel asks and answers a very important question.
The globe is warming, but will it be catastrophic? Probably not.
Stossel enumerates the inconsistancies of Al Gore's Movie, "An Inconvenient Truth". For instance Al claims the Sea will rise 20 FEET due to polar ice melting, but the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, or IPCC, (who shared his Nobel Award), says 7 to 24 INCHES. Gore claims Polar Bears are drowning due to lack of ice, but only 4 have drowned due to a storm and the Polar Bear population is growing.
And while man's greenhouse gasses may increase warming, it's not certain that man caused it. The most impressive demonstration in Gore's movie is the big graph of carbon-dioxide levels, which suggests that carbon levels control temperature. But the movie doesn't tell you that the carbon increases came after temperatures rose, hundreds of years later. [emphasis mine]
Actual historic evidence shows the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) increase happens about 800 years after a naturally occurring Warming Period. It appears clear that CO2 cannot be responsible for Global Warming. It is an more of a delayed indicator rather than a cause of Global Warming.
John Christy and Roy Spencer, who won NASA's Medal for Exceptional Achievement for figuring out how to get temperature data from satellites, agree that Earth has warmed. "The thing that we dispute is, is it because of mankind?" Spencer says.
Scientific Data show that Natural Volcanic action contributes about 50% of the CO2 to the atmosphere.
Some scientists say the warming may be caused by changes in the sun, or ocean currents, or changes in cloud cover, or other things we don't understand. If it's all man's fault, why did the Arctic go through a warm period early last century? Why did Greenland's temperatures rise 50 percent faster in the 1920s than they are rising now?
Good questions. What does Al Gore say in answer to these questions? Nothing, because he refuses to debate anyone and everyone on the issue of Global Warming. (This refusal to debate is one reason he will not run for President. If he were to Campaign, he would have to defend his views.)
The media also treat the IPCC as impartial scientists, but Reiter and Christy, who were members of the IPCC, say it is not what the public thinks it is. Many of the people involved in writing its report "are not scientists at all," Reiter says. "They were essentially activists." Members of groups like Greenpeace were involved. Skeptics were often ignored. [emphasis mine]
Many of the Scientists who were part of the IPCC resigned, but their names still appear on the IPCC Reports.
Skeptics like Reiter, Christy, Spencer and Tim Ball, who studies the history of climate change and heads the Natural Resources Stewardship Project, are often smeared as "deniers," lumped in with Holocaust deniers and accused of being "on the take" from energy businesses." Gore impugns skeptical scientists by saying "the illusion of a debate has been purchased."
Many of the Scientific Studies which conflict with the Chicken Little Global Warming Alarmists screed, do not receive money from Exxon or any of the other Energy Companies, Energy Groups or Energy Lobbyists. The ones who do receive far less than the money available to the Global Warming Alarmists like Al Gore.

The rule of debate invoked by Al Gore is classic. If you can't win on the facts, don't debate the issues, smear the opposition with personal attacks.

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