Tuesday, September 18, 2007

School Children Next 9-11?

The Homeland Security National Terror Alert Response Center is currently featuring a series of Articles which may portend a very serious possibility. The Terrorist Threat To Our Schools Pt. 1 is a compilation of articles about what may be in al Qaeda's play book for another 9-11 style attack.
Over the past couple of years, National Terror Alert has featured several seemingly unrelated news events and stories, all with a common thread… A potential terrorist threat to our nations children and schools.

With each news story it appears that the planning of a new attack, one with potentially horrific consequences, could be in the works. We’ll let you decide for yourself.
I strongly suggest you read the entire piece with an open mind. Be aware of the possibilities.
Could all of these stories amount to nothing more than incredible coincidence? Certainly, but there are several elements of 9/11 that prior to the attack would have also been attributed to the same and we are all too familiar with the end result.
With the caution about incredible coincidence noted, the author proceeds to list the coincidences. When put into one basket the weight of circumstantial evidence demands at least an admission that it could happen.
One word of caution… Don’t allow yourself to dismiss certain stories because of their age (3-4 years). al Qaeda is known for having operational planning windows varying up to 5 or 6 years. They are patient and methodical in their planning. Several reports related to Beslan indicate that terrorists may have actually been involved in the construction of the school, years earlier.
The author presents evidence for consideration. I am generally not an alarmist. But at the same time, I believe we need to be aware of possibilities. Very few considered the possibility of 19 men hijacking airplanes and flying them into Buildings before 9-11. We should all be aware and Report Suspicious Activity.
  1. The Beslan Massacre
  2. Think it won’t happen here…
  3. Cleric Supports Taking Children Hostage
  4. Permission To Take The Lives of 2 Million American Children
  5. al Qaeda Video Shows Mock Siege of An American School
  6. Iraqi Insurgent In Possession of Computer Disk With Detailed Information On The Emergency Plans For 6 U.S. Schools
  7. FBI Issues Warning To Schools
  8. School Bus Terrorism
  9. So how difficult would it be for a terrorist to get their hands on a school bus?
  10. Extremists Sign Up to Become School Bus Drivers
  11. School Bus Terrorism Dry Run?
  12. Gov’t: Terrorists Could Target School Food
  13. 2000 Missing School Bus Radios
  14. 17 School Buses Missing In Houston
  15. How It All Ties Together
  16. Glenn Beck Perfect Day
    • Part 1
    • Part 2
    • Part 3
    • Part 4
  17. “Jihad Boom” Postcards With Threatening Cartoon Sent To Nine Schools
Each of the items in the list is expanded and the weight of circumstantial evidence mounts with each expanded item. Will an al Qaeda attack on our schools take place? You decide. At this point, I am optimistic about our ability to discover and neutralize this and similar threats before they can become finalized.

These incidents underline the very good reasons we need the surveillance capabilities provided by the Patriot Act and the NSA Electronic Monitoring Programs. But our best defense is an informed public. A public which is not afraid to get involved by reporting suspicious activities. If this is in the works, we must not fail to connect the dots this time. Be alert. Report suspicious activity.

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