Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Irresponsible Politicians Kucinich (Part 1)

After reading this news item in The Jerusalem Post (US Democratic hopeful Kucinich meets Assad, blasts Bush), I decided to create another label for blog posts. Irresponsible Politicians will categorize the irresponsible actions, statements and positions of Politicians.

For a first offering, consider the statements of Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) during a Mideast trip. He will not be visiting Iraq during this visit to the area because ...
"I feel the United States is engaging in an illegal occupation ... I don't want to bless that occupation with my presence," he said in an interview in Lebanon, after visiting Syria. "I will not do it." [emphasis mine]
Kucinich made this statement during a stop in Syria. Is the former Mayor of Cleveland, and hopefully soon former Member of Congress, really interested in the best for America? If so shouldn't he confine his political remarks, as they differ from Established Foreign Policy, to America's Shores? The forum for Political debate is the floor of the House, not in a foreign country.

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