Monday, September 17, 2007

Firecrackers or Terrorist Bombs?

A Few weeks ago 2 University of South Florida Students were arrested in South Carolina. They claimed to have some relatively harmless fireworks, but according to this article (Case against pair shown) published in the St. Petersburg Times, one has to wonder how harmless the "fireworks" were.
Pipes stuffed with fertilizer, Karo syrup and kitty litter. Bullets and fuses. A laptop with Internet searches about martyrdom, Hamas and Qassam rockets. Video instructions for turning a child's toy into a detonator.
The two students were studying Engineering at the University. Both are citizens of Egypt and were originally stopped for speeding in Goose Creek, South Carolina.
Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hoffer laid out the government's case, saying they view the men as dangerous and at risk of fleeing to their home country of Egypt, a place that doesn't always return fugitives to the United States.
There are a number of events, items and activities that are suspicious. Suspicious because of past activities and the potential harm that could be caused by these "fireworks". The key here is INTENT. What was the intent of the Students?
The question of intent has been the biggest puzzle since Aug. 4, when Megahed, 21, and Mohamed, 26, were pulled over for speeding in Goose Creek, S.C., and arrested after a deputy became suspicious and searched the pair's car.
Time will tell.

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