Thursday, September 13, 2007

Elvira Arellano Is Like Jesús

Surprised? According to EAST BAY express news columnist Gustavo Arellano, Elvira is not like a Mexican Rosa Parks, she is like Jesús (The Mexican Rosa Parks). It appears that Mr. Arellano writes the column "Ask A Mexican". One of the letters he received, and his answer, follows.
Dear Mexican: Do you agree with immigration rights activists calling Elvira Arellano, who is an illegal immigrant AND a criminal, I might add, the Mexican Rosa Parks? The very idea that these people refer to her as such is deeply disturbing. Rosa Parks was a legal resident of this country and took a stand against the injustices against African Americans AND, by extension, all other minorities in this country. I can't imagine what goes through the minds of some of these people when they made ludicrous statements comparing Arellano to Parks. I have a problem with illegal immigrants, period! I don't care where they come from on this planet, illegal IS illegal.
Swing Low, Sweet Migra

Dear Gabacha: You're right. How dare yaktivists compare Elvira Arellano (an recently deported illegal Mexican immigrant who earned national attention this year by seeking sanctuary in a Chicago church) to Rosa Parks! Besides, everyone knows the better historical counterpart is Jesus. Think about it: Like Jesús, Arellano was a brown-skinned alien who sparked equal parts rage and praise while promoting their movement. Both lived in defiance of authorities who obsessed over laws that ignored the Segundo Coming. Arellano and the Nazarene knew their ultimate martyrdom yet met grim destiny with serenity, asking followers not to react angrily but rather allow God's will. I already hear the gnashing teeth of Know Nothings — but what about the fake Social Security number? The breaking of federal law? The fact that ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL? — but let the record show that no matter how you spin it, Arellano's tale is biblical in its intentions, and she sure as hell ain't Jezebel. Only time will tell if Arellano's efforts will convert the Pharisees or cause the exile of her people to Babylon — er, Mexico.
Only in America could a common criminal be elevated to this level. Ms. Arellano is a National Celebrity in Mexico. In the USA she was an Illegal Alien with no respect for the laws of the US.

Border security is one of the failures of the Government. Failure because we have not enforced the laws which govern who is allowed into this country legally. Failure because we have allowed legal aliens to stay in this country beyond the period of their visa thereby becoming illegal aliens. Failure because we have not penalized employers who knowingly hire illegal aliens. Failure because we have allowed illegal aliens to enjoy the benefits of our social programs, hospitals, schools and other government services which should be available only legal residents. Failure because some cities do not report the criminal activities of illegal aliens and deport them. Failures which we need to fix without amnesty.

Ms. Arellano believes she has been deported unfairly. She believes she is entitled to remain in the USA. She does not think our laws apply to her. If she wants to be re-admitted to this country, she needs to stand in line and follow the application policy and laws of the United States of America.

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