Thursday, August 2, 2007

Inept Obama, Inconsistent Hillary

In an AP article (Obama: Nukes 'Not on the Table'), Senator Barack Obama rules out the use of Nuclear Weapons in Afghanistan or Pakistan under any circumstances.
Presidential hopeful Barack Obama said Thursday he would not use nuclear weapons "in any circumstance" to fight terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan, drawing criticism from Hillary Rodham Clinton and other Democratic rivals.
Senator Obama again shows his lack of political experience and Doublespeak. Any good politician should know how to avoid making black and white statements about politically controversial subjects. Senator Obama has not mastered this basic requirement and again allows himself to be cornered. We can therefore rightfully question his qualifications to be an effective Commander in Chief.

But this is a twofer story. Senator Hillary Clinton also is quoted in the story as saying:
Asked about the idea of unilateral U.S. military action in Pakistan to get al-Qaida leadership, Clinton said: "How we do it should not be telegraphed or discussed for obvious reasons." [emphasis mine]
It appears to me that Senator Clinton is being hypocritical to suggest we not discuss "for obvious reasons" how we do something after she has criticized Undersecretary of Defense Eric Edelman's rebuke of Senator Clinton for publicly asking for the Iraq Exit Plan. Quoting from Senator Clinton's letter to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates as printed on her Web Site.
Redeploying out of Iraq will be difficult and requires careful planning. I continue to call on the Bush Administration to immediately provide a redeployment strategy that will keep our brave men and women safe as they leave Iraq – instead of adhering to a political strategy to attack those who rightfully question their competence and preparedness after years of mistakes and misjudgments.
To use Senator Clinton's own words, "How we do it should not be telegraphed or discussed for obvious reasons."

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